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Dancing Outlaw DVD

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Home of the Cult Classic from Jacob Young -

2015 West Virginia Filmmaker of the Year

Get legit copies of the Dancing Outlaw DVD, starring Jesco White.

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Dancing Outlaw DVD


Dancing Outlaw DVD


Product Details

  • Director: Jacob Young
  • Format: Full Screen, NTSC
  • Region: All Regions
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Rated: Unrated
  • Studio: MOVIEFISH
  • DVD Release Date: June 21, 2005
  • Run Time: 87 minutes
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Includes DANCING OUTLAW II: Jesco Goes To Hollywood


"Dancing Outlaw is" "a cult screen legend" and "a white trash classic!" -- Film Threat, August 9, 2003

DANCING OUTLAW is on the "Core List", a "short list of best and brightest works of non-feature videos". -- American Library Association

John Waters meets Tennessee Williams. -- London Independent

Oxford American Magazine lists DANCING OUTLAW as one of the "13 Essential Southern Documentaries". -- Oxford American Magazine, Southern Movie Issue, Winter 2002

This titanic 1991 documentary…spawned a thousand late-night "dude, you've GOT to see this" sessions, and for good reason. -- The Stranger, Vol 12 No. 9, Nov 14 - Nov 20 2002


This listing is for sale to individuals for private use, video rental stores and small libraries.

From director Jacob Young -
excerpt from an interview with Anne S. Lewis of The Austin Chronicle

AC: It must have been interesting in a culture in which one spontaneous afternoon's drunken brawl can result in bodies, like Jesco's dad.

JY: I went through three or four soundmen for this film. My crew is just me and a sound guy. But they kept getting intimidated. In fact, it took us six to eight months to complete the film because we kept getting chased off. Jesco really is this multiple personality. Everything would be going great and then he'd get up to go to the bathroom and come back this different person. One time he came back to the kitchen table and started sweating and shaking and said, "You know, I talked to Elvis last night and he said you were a-making millions a dollars off this movie and ripping me off and that you ought to be killed!" I glanced at this 12-gauge shotgun leaning against the wall and nodded to my sound guy to get into the van and start it up. Then I took Jesco's hand and said, "Jesco, you can trust me. Here's what I'll do, if you want. I'll give you the whole movie right now and you can do whatever you want with it. You just take a few days to think about things and I'll call you to see what you want to do." I went out to the van and handed him some blank Beta tapes that were lying around -- I knew there wasn't a (pro Beta SP player) within a hundred miles. My sound guy was backing the van down the driveway and Jesco was running alongside it as we talked. Jesco was instantly reassured and it seemed to me that it would be okay to resume the shoot but my sound guy would have none of it. "Well, that was f___ing interesting, man, but I am never going back there again," he said as he peeled off. There are parts of that area where even the cops won't go unless there's a body.

About director Jacob Young and his films

Director Jacob Young, Appalachian "regional filmmaker par excellence" (Independent Film Channel) has turned out an even dozen documentary films that showcase extraordinary Appalachians, including the majority contribution to the Emmy Award-winning BBC/PBS program series, "Different Drummer".

From the Austin Chronicle:

AC: The people in your films seem just to be talking about themselves to the camera. How would you describe your interviewing style?

JY: What I'm trying to do with these films is make the film that my subject would make if he or she were the filmmaker. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible…just me, a soundman, and a Betacam on a tripod. I start by casting the widest net possible, my job being just to keep my subjects talking. I don't interrupt them, I want! to let them say everything that's on their minds. I'm trying to find out what's important to them, what they fear, etc. -- whatever happened to be foremost on their minds that day.

So my interviews are just like conversations where I'm just listening to what they're saying, rather than trying to cover a particular topic. When they tell me something -- that's fact for me. Later, when I look at what I've got on tape, I may want to go back and pursue a few things they said that interested me. Or ask someone else about a story somebody had related, to get their take on it. Of course, while I'm shooting, I never know what I've got; I'm always thinking it's all worthless. I never know what movie I've got until I start to edit it, which is why only I can edit my films.

AC:Can we talk a bit about some of your stylistic techniques?

JY: (edited to comply with space restrictions) ...I always ask is, what's your favorite music? I try to understand them that way! .

Errol Morris is my favorite doc maker; he informs me the most. Gates of Heaven was the most important film I ever saw and I'm always trying to imitate that, trying to carefully compose every frame and letting my subjects just talk.

Jacob Young’s released works include:

AMAZING DELORES; A biography of an unusual grandmother who writes outrageous songs and fronts a rock and roll band.

AMERICAN BREAKDOWN; Jacob Young’s latest documentary project, American Breakdown, is a laughable explanation of life offered by interesting characters stranded by the highway.

APPALACHIAN JUNKUMENTARY; Jacob Young’s first film release documents the history, lives and dreams of several automobile junk yard owners and their kin.

DR. NO; A look into the life and times of the white supremacist who wrote The TURNER DIARIES, through interviews with Dr. Turner, his wives, his followers, the local sheriff and others.

FLEABAG; Although operating at a substantial loss, a man refuses to close an old hotel that houses the helpless and destitute.

GLITCH In The SYSTEM; An outspoken and ethical Appalachian chemist becomes the target of an Environmental Protection Agency Superfund.

HAMMER On The SLAMMER; The tale of a penitentiary warden who shoots first and asks questions later.

HOLY COW SWAMI; Through early interviews with the now convicted Hare Krishna leader, Ira Einhorn, a.k.a. Swami Bhaktapada, and several of his followers, Jacob Young presents the world with unscripted documentary evidence of the Swami’s roll in kidnapping, child molestation, murder, and massive fraud.

POINT MAN For GOD; A rich industrialist mounts a crusade to cover the American landscape with crosses.

SATURDAY NIGHT In BABYLON; A look at Reggae music and culture through the eyes of Jamaican Migrant Workers living in West Virginia.




Included in the DANCING OUTLAW DVD:

- The Original DANCING OUTLAW Director's Edition, 60 minutes (Includes the original Outtakes, 30 minutes)

- The Original DANCING OUTLAW II: Jesco Goes To Hollywood, 30 minutes

This unscripted, strikingly unique documentary film, is a revealing portrait of the nearly extinct "Hillbilly" culture that focuses on Mountain Dancer Jesco White's uphill battle against abject poverty, drug abuse, petty crime and mental instability. In his struggle to live up to his father's legacy as the finest mountain dancer in Appalachia, he leans on Jesus, Elvis Presley, and his wife, Norma Jean.

DANCING OUTLAW has screened at several major events, including the Sundance Film Festival.


Winner of 7 major awards, including:

  • Best Public Television Program
  • 1992 Emmy Award
  • American Film Institute Award