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Different Drummer

DVD's & Video Download

Home of the Cult Classic from Jacob Young -

2015 West Virginia Filmmaker of the Year

Get legit copies of the Dancing Outlaw DVD, starring Jesco White.

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Different Drummer


Different Drummer


Jacob Young Contributions To Different Drummer

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Each of these six, 30-minute programs, were release along with Jacob Young's Dancing Outlaw, staring Jesco White, in the famous Different Drummer Program series from West Virginia.

Included in the DVD:

Amazing Delores (1988) - The biography of Delores Boyd, an unusual grandmother who writes outrageous songs and fronts a rock and roll band.

Doctor No? (1990) - A frightening portrait of Dr. William Pierce, the author of The Turner Diaries and one of the country's preeminent white supremacists.

Fleabag : the Frank Veltrie Story (1992) - Although operating at a substantial loss, a man refuses to close an old hotel that houses the helpless and destitute.

Glitch in the System (1989) - Elmer Fike, former owner and plant manager of a small chemical company in Nitro, West Virginia, and an outspoken opponent of government regulations lead him into battle with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Hammer on the Slammer (1987) - The tale of Donald Bordenkircher, who reestablished several West Virginia state prisons that were operating on the verge of disaster.

Point Man For God (1989) - About Bernard Coffindaffer, a rich industrialist who mounts a crusade to cover the American landscape of America with crosses.