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Who is behind this gig?
Jesco White? Nope... Well, of course Jesco is indeed behind all of this... in spirit.  Working here isn't on his agenda, but he has worked to let folks know where to buy his videos. Since he does benefit from whatever we do that is connected to him, Jesco will only recommend that people buy from us. On the other hand, he knows that he won't be gaining much from pirated and bootleg sales and trades. is a very small studio. There are generally just two of us involved: Jacob Young and me, Bill Motley, although we certainly want to count all of the helpful input from our friends and family.

Jacob Young is the man behind the lenses and here behind the scene.  He is Appalachia's "regional filmmaker par excellence" (IFC - Split Screen), director of Dancing Outlaw and more than a dozen other notable documentary films made for television and the social scientist in each of us.

Bill Motley, coattail-rider par excellence. I am thrilled to simply be authoring Jacob's stuff and keeping this place moving forward, albeit rather slowly (New stuff is on the way, I swear!)  In any case, I'm the go-to guy if you need to hit someone up for answers, or if you just want to up and hit someone.

About Audio-Visual Quality
The bottom line for you, the customer, is that we turn out the best quality products possible, given that the master tapes inherited from yesteryear are not and will never be broadcast quality, let alone high-definition.

We want you to be happy with your purchases.  Each item is guaranteed to be as described.  If there is ever a problem, please don't hesitate to get in touch. As you may know from reading our feedback comments from customers at, eBay and elsewhere, we do whatever we can to address any concerns. -Bill or